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The History of Cuchara from 1954 to the 1970s told from a Cuchara Inn visitor, Colorado

Cuchara from 1954-1970s

Cuchara History in Colorado

A little history background of the Hedrick family from Milton, Kansas in Cuchara

In the 1940's, Stanley Suppes of Milton, Kansas came through the Cuchara area and loved it. He returned home and began sharing Cuchara's highlights with all of his friends and neighbors. My parents, Jr.and Charlotte Hedrick from Milton, KS were one of the first to go find out for themselves.

In the late 1940's - early 50's Stanley Suppes and Jr. Hedrick bought a lot together, split it in half. The lot is on the east side of Hwy 12 on River Lane, just south of the Rec Center. Purchase price was $250 for both lots. My Mother commented to me many years later, they didn't know how the would ever pay it off!

My pictures begin in the 1950's when the Hedricks, with their 4 children, stayed in very rustic cabins. The Suppes' and other neighbors and friends began coming to Cuchara after wheat harvest, usually the last week of July and the 1st week of August(because the field work was done and all could take a break). That is one of the unusual things about this Kansas group, we came to Cuchara together! Friends and family from Norwich, Cheney, Conway Springs, Clearwater, Kansas. We hiked together, picnicked together, fished, kids climbs hill, slid down, walked to miniature golf, played cards, games, played bingo & danced at the Rec Center, walked to the Cuchara store for candy, visited, all in all it was a cherished time in our childhoods.

Some of the "regulars" came every summer, others came from time to time, always inviting, adding new friends. Usually around dusk, we would go on a drive to find deer, keeping count the whole 2 weeks of how many we could spot. Some evenings we would share a meal in one of the cabins, one year my Mother and other ladies fried 99 trout, most of which my Dad caught walking / fishing up the stream from the cabin. My Mother labeled the photo, "99 fish 39 people!"

Cuchara History in Colorado
Cuchara History in Colorado

My first trip to Cuchara I was 9 months old. In fact my mother Charlotte always told me I took my "First" steps @ Cuchara. At that time we stayed in the Jameson's cabins (now Yellow Pine). Our group would book them all, cabins on the hill and cabins east of Hwy near barn. Later we stayed in the Bonnecelli cabins, nice red & white with porches overlooking the valley, off Oak street. We are sad they are now gone! Some of our group stayed in the Wagon Wheel cabins, that are also gone, one chimney remains. Others stayed in the Lodge downtown that unfortunately burned down many years ago. I'll always remember the huge bear hide rug in their lobby. Some folks bought their own cabins! Later, my husband & I would stay at the Cuchara Inn.

One of the Yellow Pine cabins is named for Stanley Suppes as it was his favorite to stay in, prior to building the A frame on his lot. The cabin is called "Super Rest".

In the 1950s - 60's my grandparents from both sides came to Cuchara, Oral & Otie Hedrick, Cheney, Ks, Chalon & Ellen Kaiser, Conway Springs, Ks, Aunts, Uncles & cousins, Phil & Ann Kaiser & 5 children, Milton, Ks, Lewis & Virginia Burford, Milton, Ks. My husband and I and my brother Mike Hedrick and his wife, Deanna, have carried on the tradition of coming to Cuchara (2nd generation) and now some of the 3rd generation have stayed as well.

Cuchara Valley History in Pictures